Reactagon – Dev Log #1

I have been working on Reactagon for a little while now but I thought I would write a little bit about what I’m doing and where I am up to with the project.

Obviously, I have developed Reactagon before and I am working on revamping / improving it for a new release.  To do this I am developing the game in Unity and because of this I have hit a lot of challenges that I didn’t have with Construct.  First challenge was learning Unity.

After a while of learning Unity, I have found there’s a lot to learn and I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Having said that, Reactagon has come a long way and I would say it’s something I’m really proud of.

Every day I come closer to release and every day I realise one more thing that I need to do before I release it.  So if you want to follow along in near real time and keep up to date with the changes as they happen, you can check out the Trello board that I’m using to keep my project on track.

I’ve recently been working on new interface designs and attempting to make the experience navigating through the game as easy as possible for the players.  This also means that each time I make an update, I want to revamp the other UI features to make them better.  I know I need to release this game and then perhaps work on UI improvements later, but I’m working hard to give a clean UI right from the off so that there will only need to be minor changes and the game can be enjoyed the way it should be.

I’ll try and keep posing Dev Logs, maybe weekly so that you can all keep up to date with the progress of this game.

Thank you