Reactagon – Dev Log #2

So Reactagon has had some minor updates to the game this week as I have been working on setting up the app ready for publishing.  That’s right, we are getting closer to publishing this game and getting some tester to trial it out and give me lots of really positive feedback because negative feedback means I have more work to do.  In all fairness, I will take all feedback because if it means I can improve this game and make it fun for all then that’s what I want to do.

So what have I been up to?  Well I’ve done some more work on the Squixl Games website.  No this wasn’t specifically a website update, but I need to have legal policies and credits etc available for publishing my games.  So I have been busy writing the Privacy Policy for my games and if you want to have a boring read then go ahead, it there for you to peruse.

Having said that I have been working on the game so here’s the update:



I’ve been working on some small changes to the games aesthetics to make make game run smoother and make the general experience more enjoyable.  Unfortunately, this means refactoring some of the code and creating some new graphics.  It’s been a bit tedious but it’s also been 100% worth it.


We now how a profile page which displays the scores that you have achieved within the game for the different game modes.  As new modes are added this profile will be updated.  You can also change your username to something more interesting than the default names, unless you like the default then no problem use the name you’re given when you log on for the first time.


As an attempt to learn new techniques, I have also included a settings screen.  This is very small and almost pointless, however, it lets to change the audio levels so that if you don’t want music playing too loud you can turn it down.  This will save so you don’t have to keep turning it down each time you load the game.


Once again, thank you everyone for bearing with me while I develop this game.  I’m working hard in the little time I have to produce it and can’t wait to get it published.

Task care all.