Tap That Competition


The rules of this competition are very simple.  First 10 people to get the Tap That Achievement will win a Steam Game.  It really doesn’t get more complicated than that.

To claim your steam game you will need to provide the code which will display on the home screen of that app once you achieve Tap That!

Enter your code below, along with you name and email address in order to claim your Steam game.  Once verified, I will contact you with 3 options of games that you have won, you will be able to select one of these games to claim.

Redeem Your Code

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Terms of Competition

You claim but completing the Tap That Achievement, taking the code you are given and submitting this within the competition form.

You can win 1 game per device.

I have a list of all codes which are yet to be claimed.  Once you provide a code which hasn’t been claimed I can verify you as a winner.

Your email address will only be used to contact you should your claim be successful. Any personal details will not be passed on to any third party and will not be used for newsletter or any other email not relating to the competition.  Read our privacy policy for more information

I give you the option of 3 different steam games to choose from so that you have a higher change of claiming a game that you don’t already have.  If you have all 3 games already, then you can still claim 1 game and perhaps give the code to a friend

Depending on how well this competition is received.  I may run additional competitions for Tap That.  I may also run competitions within my other games so make sure to check them out.

You will be given a code.  Submit the code through the online form on this page and wait to hear back.  I will contact you to let you know if the code has been verified or not and the list of possible games you could have won.