Tap That – v.1.0.5 - Change Log

So this I wanted to give a little update on what has been happening with Tap That and what updates have happened recently.

Tap that was the first game I ever made and so I wanted to use it as a practice game for development within Unity.  I had little to no knowledge of programming in Unity so I was starting this game dev journey from scratch.

Having built and published Tap That and n moving on to developing another game, I have realised where I went wrong with a lot of the development within this first game.  Having said that, I am still proud of what I have achieved and I have been working on tweaking the development to make it work more efficiently.


Change Log

* Refactored some of my code so that I can include events
* Moved some of the UI around to allow space for new elements
* Removed redundant code
* Updated target SDK to 33
* Added legal consent form for google adverts
* Implemented the use of Unity Game Services to provide analytical data of the game’s usage
  • Analytics on how many users have completed the Tap That achievement.
  • Analytics on when the game has been started and ended by an individual player.  This allows understanding of how long users play the game for.
* Bug fixes and minor optimisation improvements