Reactagon Beta Testers Wanted

Reactagon Beta Testers Wanted So Reactagon took a short development break while all the Unity runtime fee nonsence was up for discussion.  There was questions as to whether I would be re-evaluating which engine I would be using moving forward.  The decision was made to continue with development in Unity as the game was almost […]

Tap That – v.1.0.5 – Change Log

Tap That – v.1.0.5 – Change Log So this I wanted to give a little update on what has been happening with Tap That and what updates have happened recently. Tap that was the first game I ever made and so I wanted to use it as a practice game for development within Unity.  I had […]

Reactagon – Dev Log #2

Reactagon – Dev Log #2 So Reactagon has had some minor updates to the game this week as I have been working on setting up the app ready for publishing.  That’s right, we are getting closer to publishing this game and getting some tester to trial it out and give me lots of really positive […]

Reactagon – Dev Log #1

Reactagon – Dev Log #1 I have been working on Reactagon for a little while now but I thought I would write a little bit about what I’m doing and where I am up to with the project. Obviously, I have developed Reactagon before and I am working on revamping / improving it for a […]

New Website and Branding

New Website and Branding Squixl Games has been in need for a revamp for a while and we have been considering changes to the the branding and the games we once made many years ago. Well we have finally got round to making it a reality. Say hello to the new Squixl Games Logo.   […]